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BizCompass is perfect for professional services business owners

Managing your business was never so intuitive, easy and effective. Rather than creating you more work, it takes the load of your shoulders

BizCompass benefits

Business consulting tools in the palm of your hand to achieve business growth, peace of mind and the life you have always wanted

Business growth

Create a significant competitive advantage and grow both revenue and profit


A proven business management method developed by business experts to effectively drive you towards your desired results

Peace of mind

Built-in tools so nothing is left unattended or forgotten while you spend your time on what's really important (where it matters most)


Take your business to the next level and position yourself and your business as leaders


Share your business with your partners and business consultant for enhanced results


Take immediate control over your business as it will be managed properly and orderly

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen"

Michael Jorden

Your personal business consultant in the palm of your hand

BizCompass leads and guides you through all the core areas required to manage a business, including

Revenue and profit

At any given moment, you will know whether your business is earning or losing money, and at what rate.

Payments tracking

Track all your debts and due payments so you don't lose any money due to forgotten debts.

Improving your sale process and managing prospective customers

Improve your sale process, make sure no prospect is lost or forgotten and increase the number of sales, revenues and profits of your business.

Goals setting and Action plan

A built in tool to help set and execute an action plan, i.e. short term planning while focusing on execution and taking massive action.


If it's not measured – it's not managed. BizCompass measures your business analytics and results for you, to make constant improvement.

Why Business Owners Love BizCompass

I truly recommend BizCompass app. The app is user friendly and easy to use. It enables convenient tracking of potential prospects, deal closing, payment due during the month and most importantly, achieving your goals during the month. I want to thank the support team for a professional, kind, swift and available service. Thanks for everything.


Financial consulting to families and businesses

One of the important features of BizCompass is that it shows you the data in a convenient and easy to use manner. It really helps tracking my goals, my income and clearly understanding where I stand. I also don't forget debts owed to me, because it's all written there. Great app.


Children artist and musician

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כפתור לחנות אפל כפתור לחנות גוגל
No setup required, cancel at any time, 100% risk free