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סלביק ניימר
Slavik Neimer
אלכס סולומונוביץ
Alex Solomonovich

We are thrilled to bring you BizCompass, your personal business consultant in the palm of your hand. Built to help you grow your profits, achieve peace of mind and the life you always wanted.

It’s a known fact that most small business will not survive the first years of their activity. The remaining are struggling in a very competitive environment, with the owner living a life of stress and enslavement to the business.

We conceived BizCompass back in 2015 to fight this grim statistic and give small business owners a better chance at success. Alex Solomonovich, a corporate law expert and a business consultant, with 20 years of experience advising hundreds of businesses, and Slavik Neymar, a 20-year veteran of software architecture and development, made it our mission to provide all those business owners, the most effective, easy to use and affordable solution, based on Alex’s unique business knowledge and methodology.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than we imagined, as we had to figure a way to implement all the core activities required to properly manage a business, in one place, and in an easy to use and effective manner.

Several times, we tore the specifications and started from scratch. There were moments it felt impossible to reach the level of accuracy and simplicity we aimed for.

But, led by our mission, with business owners need for certainty and growth in our mind, we pushed forward.

Through it all, we launched BizCompass, with amazing responses from our customers. We truly created the game changer we aimed for.

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